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Tuesday, 09 February 2016
Offshoring Legal Services to India - An Update

Published July 2007

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The India revenues from legal services offshoring are slated to grow from $146 million for the calendar year 2006 to reach $640 million by end 2010. The industry employed around 7,500 people in the legal offshoring space in India as of end 2006. The number of employees is expected to reach 32,000 by end 2010.

The study focuses on eight broad segments: Legal transcription, Document review, Litigation support, Legal research, Intellectual Property, Contract related services, Secretarial and Legal publishing services.

The Indian vendor space has over 100 service providers that can be categorized into three groups: Captive centers of corporates, Third party - Niche service providers (Stand-alone LPOs) and Third party - Multiservice providers. Third party vendors dominate the LPO space by employing the majority of the workforce in the sector. However, vendors with niche focus and multi-service providers differ distinctly in terms of service offerings and capability.

According to Arun Jethmalani, CEO, ValueNotes, "While most vendors start by offering lower value services and gradually move up the value chain by demonstrating domain skills and gaining client confidence, there are others who focus on specific high-end services or niches." Adds Neeraja Kandala, analyst and co-author of the report, "High volume services like Document review, eDiscovery, Legal publishing as well as niche areas in Intellectual Property and Contract services will drive future growth in legal services offshoring."

Based on our exhaustive primary research and analysis of this sector, ValueNotes has identified a "List of frontrunners" which includes Evalueserve, Integreon, OfficeTiger, CPA Global, Mindcrest, Pangea3 and Quislex. We have also identified ''Emerging players'' that have potential to emerge as winners within their chosen niches. These include players like LawScribe, New Galexy, SDD Global Solutions, Tusker Group, Aptara, Lason and Quattro BPO.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the Indian vendor space along with profiles of all major industry players. The report is designed to help:

  • Law Firms, Corporations, Lawyers, Legal publishers looking to outsource/offshore
  • Outsourcing consultants evaluate and compare the offerings of vendors
  • Offshored Legal service providers to assess their competitive environment
  • American and European corporations/lawfirms looking for Indian partners
  • Venture Capital companies looking for investment opportunities
  • Researchers looking for detailed information on legal services outsourcing

Law Firms will find this report invaluable in understanding the capabilities of vendors, and selecting the best fit.

The report is based on secondary data as well as extensive interviews with key people at various legal services outsourcing companies in India.

This report is an update of "Offshoring Legal Services to India", published by ValueNotes in December 2006. Click here to view a summary of the 2006 report . 

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Table of Contents (Pages - 96) 

 1. Executive Summary
 2. Legal Services: Outsourceability 
2.1 Scope 
2.2 Functions and Outsourceability 
2.3 Offshoring of Legal Services: Eight Broad Groups 
2.4 Outsourcing and offshoring of legal services 
2.5 The Legal Services Value Chain 
 3. Indian Vendor Analysis 
3.1 The Indian Legal Services Outsourcing Industry 
3.2 The Indian Vendor Landscape 
3.3 Capability Mapping of Vendors 
3.4 Pricing - How is the matrix designed? 
3.5 Key Issues, Challenges 
3.6 Positioning of Individual Vendors 
3.7 Frontrunners in the Space
 4. Future Moves: Trends & Projections 
4.1 Offshore Revenues and Employment Growth 
4.2 Shares by Buyer Type 
4.3 Share by Market 
4.4 Move Towards Longer-Term Contracts 
4.5 Innovative Business Models 
4.6 Corporates More Likely to Set-up Captives 
4.7 Emerging Opportunities (Services) 
4.8 Trends in Billing Rates 
4.9 More Aggressive Moves by Large BPOs 
4.10 M&A Activity Will Gain More Traction
 5. Company Profiles 
Comat Technologies 
Intrust Global eServices 
Manthan Services 
Newgen Imaging Systems 
Quatrro Legal Solutions Inc 
Scope eKnowledge Center 
WNS Global Services 
ALMT Synergies 
Atlas Legal Research 
CPA Global (Intellevate) 
Ius Juris 
LegalEase Solutions LLC 
Legasis Services 
Lexadigm Solutions LLC 
Pangea3 LLC 
SDD Global Solutions 
Talwar & Talwar Consultants 
Trustman Legal Outsourcing 
Tusker Group 
Verist Research
 6. Research Methodology
 7. About Valuenotes

                                                                      Table of Figures 

Exhibit 1: Offshorability of Legal Services, 2007 
Exhibit 2: Current level of Outsourcing and Offshoring, 2007 
Exhibit 3: The Legal Services Value Chain 
Exhibit 4: Evaluation of the Indian LPO Space 
Exhibit 5: Vendor Groups 
Exhibit 6: Manpower 
Exhibit 7: Manpower in Legal across Vendor Groups 
Exhibit 8: Capabilities Across Indian Vendors 
Exhibit 9: Service Focus of Vendors 
Exhibit 10: Client Mix 
Exhibit 11: Comparative Positioning of Vendor Clusters 
Exhibit 12: Third Party (Multi-service) Vendors 
Exhibit 13: Clusters among the Multiservice Vendors 
Exhibit 14: Comparative Positioning (Multi-service)
Exhibit 15: Third Party (Niche) Vendors 
Exhibit 16: Comparative Positioning (Niche) 
Exhibit 17: Types of Billing Methods 
Exhibit 18: Billing Rates, 2007 
Exhibit 19: Key Challenges 
Exhibit 20: India Talent Pool 
Exhibit 21: Prominent Law Schools in India 
Exhibit 22: Wage Comparison: Indian Law Firms vs. LPO 
Exhibit 23: Vendors with Offshore Centers 
Exhibit 24: Strategies of Vendors 
Exhibit 25: Frontrunners among Third Party Vendors 
Exhibit 26: Emerging Players 
Exhibit 27: LPO space: 2005, 2006 
Exhibit 28: Revenue Estimates 
Exhibit 29: Manpower Estimates
Exhibit 30: Manpower Additions 
Exhibit 31: Comparison of Estimates 
Exhibit 32: Share by Buyer Type 
Exhibit 33: Offshore Services Buyer Market By Region: 2006 
Exhibit 34: Offshoring Maturity 
Exhibit 35: Average Billing Rate - 2005, 2007 
Exhibit 36: Billing Rate Trend: 2000 - 2010 
Exhibit 37: Some Recent M&A Deals  


Table of Contents (Bi-Monthly Update) 

 1. Cover Story
 2. Q&A with a CEO
 3. Recent News and Articles
 4. About ValueNotes


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