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Monday, 08 February 2016
ValueNotes Reports
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Date Item Title
15-Oct-2012 Design and Animation: Financial Performance Review
8-Oct-2012 Business and Market Research Outsourcing: Financial Performance Review
28-Sep-2012 Engineering Services Outsourcing: Financial Performance Review
30-Aug-2012 Outsourced Publishing Services: Financial Performance Review
14-Sep-2012 Analytics: Financial Performance Review
4-Jun-2012 Legal Process Outsourcing: Financial performance review
14-Mar-2012 Banking BPO Services: Getting Back to Basics
5-Jan-2012 The Pharmaceutical Industry Sourcing Landscape in 2011
7-Dec-2011 The utilities sourcing landscape in 2011: Are global utilities outsourcing smarter?
28-Oct-2011 How is outsourcing fueling the oil and gas industry ?
20-Jun-2011 Obamacare: Outsourcing opportunities in revenue cycle management
10-Jun-2011 Third party vs. Proprietary legal platforms: Where lies the value?
13-Apr-2011 The Current State of Digital Content
30-Mar-2011 Where Offshore Analytics is Heading in 2011
4-Sep-2010 Is Global Insurance BPO Ready To Grow Up?
29-Jun-2010 Publishers and Outsourcing: Will Outsourcing Increase?
12-Apr-2010 What do Trade publishers think about outsourcing?
12-Apr-2010 Magazines & Newspapers: Will publishers outsource?
12-Apr-2010 Educational Publishers: Perspectives on Outsourcing
23-Mar-2010 Examinations and the role of technology: Emerging Directions
11-Feb-2010 What do STM/Academic publishers think about outsourcing?
14-Dec-2009 ValueNotes Sourcing Prism: Legal Outsourcing Edition
11-Nov-2009 Legal Process Outsourcing: Crisis Creates New Opportunities for LPOs
11-Sep-2009 Use of Custom Surveys by Investment Professionals
28-Aug-2009 Outsourcing in Malaysia: Scaling New Heights
24-Sep-2009 Impact of Economic Downturn on the Legal Industry and Offshoring
28-Jul-2009 Data Security and Privacy in the Legal Services Outsourcing Industry
28-Jul-2009 Magazines: The new outsourcing frontier?
14-May-2009 Legal Services Outsourcing: What do Law Firms Think?
13-May-2009 e-learning Outsourcing 2009: Advantage India
27-Apr-2009 Offshoring in the Publishing Vertical - 2009
2-Feb-2009 Market Research Outsourcing - Buyer Survey
28-Jan-2009 Impact of economic downturn on the publishing industry and offshoring
13-Jan-2009 Dual Value Offer of Market Research Outsourcing Reports
28-Nov-2008 Career in Indian LPO: A Problem of Perception?
17-Nov-2008 Publishing Outsourcing in the Philippines: An Overview
27-Sep-2008 Document Review in Discovery: Offshoring Opportunities
6-Sep-2008 Offshoring By US Newspaper Publishers
21-Jul-2008 Cost and Productivity analysis of Publishing BPO industry
24-Jul-2008 Opportunities in the Indian Domestic BPO Market (30% Off)
3-Jul-2008 Outsourcing in the Indian Banking Industry (30% Off)
27-Jun-2008 Offshoring Patent Services to India (30% Off)
30-Jan-2008 Market Research Outsourcing: The India Growth Story (30% Off)
12-Dec-2007 Bioinformatics Outsourcing for Life Sciences: India Opportunity (50% Off)
2-Jul-2007 Offshoring Legal Services to India - An Update
1-May-2007 Offshoring in the Publishing Vertical: An Update
1-Nov-2006 Offshoring Tax Returns Preparation to India (50% Off)
1-Feb-2007 US Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: Offshoring of Medical Coding and Billing Services (50% Off)
1-Apr-2007 Pharmaceutical Outsourcing in Drug Discovery and Development: Contract Research Opportunity in India
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