The Publishing Outsourcing service guide

The nine KPO segmentsOver the next couple of weeks, ValueNotes will be releasing a series of blog posts detailing the various services and sub-services within select segments in the KPO industry. The segments we will be covering are listed in the exhibit “KPO segments”.

This post focuses on the Publishing Outsourcing segment. The variety of service providers in this space is large. However, what one provider may classify as a content service, another might classify as a technology service. There also exist services which only niche service providers’ offer, and that a large or multi-service provider might want to contemplate including in their portfolio offerings.

The exhibit below depicts ValueNotes’ understanding of the Publishing Outsourcing segment, and the categorization of service and sub-services within it.
Content, production & pre-press, and design servicesAd production, technology, and support services
We welcome your insights regarding the completeness of the services listed in the exhibit above and, more importantly, your position in the Publishing Outsourcing segment. If you wish to share your company’s portfolio offering, please take our Annual KPO Service Provider Survey online or using a form fill-able PDF.

Watch this space for our next blog post which will discuss the Analytics segment, and the classification of services and sub-services within that space.

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